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Welcome! My name is Maya and I work for Albino monkey. Albino monkey® is an brand and an company selling best of the best kitchen supplies.  I love my work and I’m totally obsessed with food. I write this blog for you to get inspired how to get the most out of our products. We have just received our newest product: DIY Sushi Making Kit. It is a perfect tool to prepare sushi at home.  Some things to remember while making sushi for first time! Sushi is a very delicious Japanese dish that can be consumed anytime and anywhere. It is normally served in small portions and used as snacks also. This dish is made up of rice cooked in rice vinegar and is served with...

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Some useful tips to prepare a perfect sushi roll

Sushi is well known Japanese dish which is available all over the world these days. This dish is prepared by cooking white rice in rice vinegar and served with varieties of toppings and fillings. These toppings are generally eggs, sea food, fish or vegetables that can be cooked or raw. Sushi is available in various shapes and sizes depending on the chefs. Maki and Nigiri are the two types of popular sushi available in the markets and restaurants. There are some useful tips that help a person to make a perfect sushi. Firstly, get a good quality heavy pot if you do not have Japanese rice cooker. Some of the essential equipments required for making sushi are a sharp knife,...

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Get acquainted with the nutritional benefits of sushi

Majority of people are not aware of the nutritional benefits of sushi. Varieties of toppings and fillings are made for preparing sushi that provides a lot of benefits for human body and immune system. A number of people do not prefer eating raw fish as they are not aware of its benefits. It is rich in nutrients and proteins. Different types of sushi are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The nori sea weed rolls that are used for making sushi provide vitamin A, B and C to the human body. These are the toasted sheets that are rich in vitamins that give a lot of energy to our body for different types of metabolic...

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