Know some famous types of sushi

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There are varieties of sushi available these days worldwide but only some of them are famous. Some of them are described below.

Gunkanmaki – The exact meaning of this sushi is “Battleship roll”. This type of sushi is served in roll which is surrounded by nori wrapper with rice inside it and toppings on the top. Fish roe is the type of toppings that are generally used for Gunkanmaki and it completely changes the taste of the dish.

Nigiri sushi – This is one of the most expensive as well as common types of sushi available in this world. It included rice cooked in rice vinegar and served with cooked or raw shell fish or any other fish together with the wasabi paste or sauce.

Inari sushi – This sushi is very famous for its taste. Rice is cooked in rice vinegar and is served in pouch of deep fried or sweetened tofu with wasabi paste or sauce. It is the most famous types of sushi available in the market.

Maki sushi – One of the other famous types of sushi is Maki sushi which is served as rolls that are filled with varieties of fish and vegetables. Rice vinegar is used for cooking white rice with short grains. Then, nori sea weed is used for wrapping it.

Futomaki and Hosomaki are two different types of this dish that are prepared with it by choosing different toppings. Nori is rolled outside the rice.

Temaki sushi – It is the last but not the least type of sushi which is very famous in this world. This is one of its own types that are used at special dinner parties.

Nigiri sushi, Onigiri sushi and Temaki – some other ways of making sushi

Sushi is a very famous dish that originated from Japanese cuisine which is prepared in several ways. Some of the exceptional ways of making sushi are Nigiri sushi, Onigiri sushi, Okonomi sushi and Temaki. The common ingredient used for every type of sushi is sushi rice and rice vinegar.

Nigiri sushi is one of the common types of sushi available and consumed widely and is served with oblong stack and the toppings used for this is wasabi paste or sauce and slices of eggs. You can even use some of the raw or cooked sea food as well as meat with Nigiri sushi to make different tastes. There are some professional sushi chefs who prefer raw sea food to be served as toppings.

The other type of sushi is Temaki sushi. This is served well as nori rolls which are a type of pressed sea weed. Every ingredient is rolled together such as rice, toppings and sea weed in a cylindrical shape by using bamboo mat. After this, it is sliced very carefully in some thick and thin parts and served along with varieties of toppings.

Onigiri sushi is the other type of sushi which is also known as Omusubi. This is preferred to be consumed as a snack which is served in the shape of balls and at some places it is served in triangular shape. Nori sea weed and white rice treated with vinegar are used in this type of sushi. In order to enhance its flavor, the fillings prepared from salt, black sesame seeds or any other salty ingredients are used in it. Some chefs prefer using tarako and pickled plums also to make different tastes. These can also be served with varieties of toppings such as raw or cooked sea food like crabs, fish eggs, prawns or squids etc. Vegetables are not used in this type of sushi.

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