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Welcome! My name is Maya and I work for Albino monkey. Albino monkey® is an brand and an company selling best of the best kitchen supplies. 

I love my work and I’m totally obsessed with food. I write this blog for you to get inspired how to get the most out of our products.

We have just received our newest product: DIY Sushi Making Kit. It is a perfect tool to prepare sushi at home. 

Some things to remember while making sushi for first time!

Sushi is a very delicious Japanese dish that can be consumed anytime and anywhere. It is normally served in small portions and used as snacks also. This dish is made up of rice cooked in rice vinegar and is served with cooked or raw sea food. There are few things that every person is required to remember while cooking sushi to make it more delicious and perfect. Rice to be used is required to be considered very carefully. It should be white rice with short grains or cal rose rice can also be used for this purpose. Most of the professional sushi chefs do not recommend using brown rice or instant rice. They are not appropriate for making sushi at all.

Always remember not to overcook or undercook rice to make a good sushi dish. For the purpose of rinsing and draining, colander is needed but it is just optional not mandatory. A good quality sushi vinegar is also required which is to be mixed gently to rice. Always remember, do not use more than a single table spoon of sushi vinegar for one cup of rice. Every ingredient is required to be mixed accurately and gently. Nori sea weed rolls are also used in this dish that can be bought from any of the Asian grocery store and remember to keep it in a clean place. Do not buy a thin sea weed wrapper as it can be very difficult for you to handle it. Always consider leaving approximately one inch space from both sides that gives you more convenience of wrapping it. You are required to keep the thickness of rice about 1/4th of inch and nori should be visible through it. For toppings, always choose fresh vegetables or meat or any sea food to make the dish more delicious.

Have a great day!

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