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Some useful tips to prepare a perfect sushi roll

Sushi is well known Japanese dish which is available all over the world these days. This dish is prepared by cooking white rice in rice vinegar and served with varieties of toppings and fillings. These toppings are generally eggs, sea food, fish or vegetables that can be cooked or raw. Sushi is available in various shapes and sizes depending on the chefs. Maki and Nigiri are the two types of popular sushi available in the markets and restaurants. There are some useful tips that help a person to make a perfect sushi.

Firstly, get a good quality heavy pot if you do not have Japanese rice cooker. Some of the essential equipments required for making sushi are a sharp knife, cutting board, sushi mat and a cling film. Some of the essential ingredients such as wasabi paste or sauce, rice vinegar, short grained white rice, soy sauce, pickled ginger and nori sea weed wrapper are required to be measured accurately to make a perfect sushi.

Rice should be cleaned by washing and rinsing thoroughly under running water using a big bowl. Add accurate quantity of water by putting it into a pot or cooker. It is allowed to be cooked on medium heat for about 15 minutes with the lid on it. After being cooked let the rice take the steam which is already in it. Convert the rice in another bowl which should be of wood or plastic. Do not make use of metal or glass bowl as heat is retained in them. Let the rice to cool down and stir it using a spatula or wooden spoon but remember not to smash the cooked grains of rice. Prepare the toppings to be used side by side. Tuna or salmon is preferred fish for the toppings but some chefs prefer other fish also. You can use some other sea food also for toppings.

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