About us

Picture represent Albino monkey brand

Albino monkey is not an animal... Albino monkey is a company name and we have not killed an albino monkey as one person once asked us☺

It all started back in the days and by the matter of fact it started with a true love story.

Two people meet on the internet and feel in love imidiately but there was only one little thing between them... they could not meet! One was located in the south and one in the north. Many kilometres between each other and if it wasn't enough one was going on a loooong already planned travel but they stayed in contact in their haerts the whole time and shared the only the same light from the moon.

They where living in different countries and didn't even shared the same language but true love do not care about color, differences or even language and the planet knew that not even a long travel apart would be enough to keep them seperated. The stars had already spoken...

The name of Albino monkey company

Decision was made to start a earth friendly company but about the name? If you have ever thougt about the same question you know how difficult it is to answer. Think about it: It's your foundation maybe for the rest of your life! It is really important that it is the right name. Many names was up but no one of them was the perfect...

The girl was from Finland and she was always in front of the mirror. She had the most beautiful long blond hair and the most pure white skin and the man was many time teasing her and saying; "Look in the mirror there is a monkey. I think it's an albino monkey"